DeWalt Upgrades Their Tow Truck to a New Poly-Gen™ PG-180 CT Tandem Axle body

Dewalt Towing PG 180DeWalt Upgrades to UPF PolyBody

Don Walters is back! He has built over 400 heavy duty wreckers that are throughout this country and the world and DeWalt is back in business! Don has built some of the finest 50 ton wreckers in the industry and what did he choose for his new body? A UPF PG-180 Tandem Axle PolyBody, of course, because it brings the future! Not only does it boast the best warranty in the industry, but also repels rust and corrosion. The custom plastic material offers better durability while still weighing less than conventional bodies! A limited lifetime warranty for your service applications is the smartest investment out there. Imagine not having to replace a rusted out door or pitted fender every 3 years on the same truck? Just imagine the money saved! Check it out for yourself here!










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