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The Process

The Process for the poly tank and custom plastic products

Excellent service. Customer satisfaction. Quality products.

These are the principles by which we live at UPF for the poly tank, and they don’t change for our custom projects.  UPF Design Center customers are treated with the exact same level of care and respect that out existing customers we have. We understand that the needs of the customer are paramount.  Furthermore, our ability to offer custom designed products and services only underscores that dedication.

Customer Service for the poly tank and custom plastic products

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It doesn’t matter whether your product is one from our catalogue or one that we custom designed–you’ll receive the same dedication to service in both the short term and long term. We’ll walk you through the design, manufacturing, and purchasing processes, but our commitment to you won’t end there. Furthermore, our custom products have a limited warranty, and we have field service professionals that stand by to assist in the event you need a repair.

We stand by our products and manufacturing process, and it’s our hope that you never need service at all; however, should the need arise, you’ll never get anything less than the best from our response team.

Engineering for the poly tank and custom plastic products

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Putting our engineers in the best possible position to succeed is always a priority for UPF, but never is it more evident than with the UPF Design Center’s custom projects. UPF puts our KBE software called UPFront™, at our engineers’ fingertips, we give them access to the best tools available. UPFront™ uses the power of Rules Based Engineering to generate 3D solid models based on parameters specified by our customers. If you provide us with the specifications you need, our engineers can use this technology to generate shareable CAD models and drawings. This will determine whether UPF can create a custom solution at a cost that is acceptable to you.

Manufacturing for the poly tank and custom plastic products

The extensive customization offered by UPF wouldn’t be possible if not for the adaptability of our manufacturing process. In addition to designing products to meet your own specifications, we have a reputation for delivering our products with zero defects.

UPF’s three manufacturing centers each feature the latest fabrication equipment for our state-of-the-art manufacturing process. In addition, our dedication to giving customers the best possible experience doesn’t end there. In addition, we pride ourselves on empowering employees at every level of the company.  Employees can implement changes to improve the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing process. We believe that every one of our employees has something to offer.  By putting them in the best position to succeed doesn’t just help us, but our customers as well.

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