UPF Builds a Custom Polygen Filter/Scrubber Vessel for Pureair Filtration

Custom PolyGen Filter/Scrubber UnitCustom PolyGen Filtration Unit

In line with a custom order received from Pureair Filtration, United Plastic Fabricating has created this Filter/Scrubber Unit. A bit of a departure from our typical work, our custom manufacturing team still did a great job! We offer the opportunity to work with our customers to create the most applicable products for their needs. This unit- filled with a special media- helps remove vapors, odors, and gases from the air, increasing breathability and cleanliness! Keeping in the spirit of United Plastic’s commitment to customer satisfaction, we seek to find new and exciting ways to fulfill our customers’ visions through our custom PolyGen manufacturing process. So even if you don’t need firetruck or towing products, our team can still get you what you need!

If you want to learn more about Pureair, then check out their site right here!

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