American Towman Baltimore Tow Show 2017 on the Horizon!

Join UPF at the 2017 American Towman Baltimore Tow Show

In about a month and a half, UPF is set up to attend the American Tow Expo in Baltimore! This Baltimore Tow Show, held every year, falls on November 17-19! For more information about the American Towman Expo series, check out their site right here! From Friday to Sunday, Tow Body manufacturer’s show off their products and innovative designs, and we hope you’ll join us there. United Plastic Fabricating, a longtime and trusted name in the PolyTank business, plans to share information and display our PolyBody!

A slightly less refined PolyBody ready for Baltimore Tow Show- perfect for showing the cabinet openings!


The PolyBody, our very own custom fabricated tow truck body of PolyGen material, exceeds steel bodies. The increased durability and strength combine with the rust-resistant material to create a long-lasting tow body. Come by the Baltimore Tow Show to check out the sample body UPF will showcase! Make sure to come by and learn the answer to all of your questions. Whatever your towing needs, United Plastic has the answer to help you better serve your customers. With our PolyBodies’ improved performance, you know you get the most out of each truck’s job.

this PolyGen body will be displayed at the Baltimore Tow Show and feature our Poly-Slam doors

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