Industrial Plastic Products

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The Difference

Being the leading manufacturer, UPF doesn’t just innovate when it comes to water storage and the PolyTank fire products. Nor did we stop after launching our trucking line. UPF Industrial is just as dedicated to bringing new and innovative products to industrial workplaces. The UPF PolyTank is not a rotational moulded product, it is a custom plastic fabrication process of welding thick poly sheets together to maximize its resistance to damage.

The beauty of UPF’s exclusive PT3™ copolymer polypropylene and other plastic materials is their adaptability. With such uniquely adaptable materials at our disposal and a constant drive toward further innovation, it’s little wonder that UPF has extended its already impressive line of products into the industrial fields of electroplating, hydrofracturing, food processing, and more. The drive to innovate is deeply ingrained in us.

Whether it’s UPF Fire, Trucking, or Industrial, that’s the UPF Difference: people. We believe that when you put people in the best possible position to succeed, they’ll go the extra mile themselves. That’s why UPF provides its technicians with the state of the art equipment and cutting edge software needed to get the job done right and why UPF can offer a leading warranty on our polytank products. It’s why we ensure that our customer service representatives have the intangibles we look for to keep our customers happy and why we are recognized as a leading business in many industries.  And it’s why after all these years, our customer satisfaction in all three facets is as high as it’s ever been.