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Recent Projects

Recent Projects

  • UPF completed and delivered storm water research products for a customer             UPF was happy to assist a customer looking for products for their R & D project for storm water research.// 0;if (!isPopOut) { try ...
  • 2500 Gallon UPF Jetter Tank and Compartment Pictured here is an UPF combination PolyTank and compartment manufactured for our customer that makes an exclusive, high-performance jetter that will take care of any pipe cleaning needs!  
  • Polypropylene sump manufactured for Hydronics Systems Hot & Cold water 3000 gal sump sold to Hydronics Systems.  This is a part of a new construction project for Tulsa County Library.  Used in the HVAC system. Included in the design of the tank is a clear inspection window located in the rear of the tank.
  • UPF builds a filter/scrubber vessel for Pureair Filtration Filter/Scrubber air quality control vessel built for Pureair Filtration. It is filled with a special media and helps remove vapors, odors and gases.
  • UPF builds tanks for the fiber optic industry These dual stack tanks were built for Smyrna Truck. They are for their customer Deep Fiber Solutions. Deep Fiber Solutions converts cable operator coaxial cables to fiber optic infrastructure, which allows the operator to deploy fiber deeper in the network.   Tanks dispense and collect a special fluid  Fluid used in core ejection process is biodegradable.
  • Neelco Inc. Receives Custom Cabinets from UPF     UPF built some custom cabinets for Neelco Inc. They are used for pest control & lawn spraying equipment. The roll-up doors furnished by Dover Door.  
  • The Sewer Duck

    The UPF Design Center recently completed a set of custom pumping tanks for The Sewer Duck, a division of the GPM Pump & Truck company. With tanks ranging in size from 1,000 to 4,000 gallons and capable of delivering up to 120 GPM at 3,000 PSI, UPF’s polypropylene tanks have allowed The Sewer Duck to offer customers a wide range of options.

    Companies turn to the UPF Design Center when they want durable, high-strength materials and a manufacturing process that can be adjusted to meet their needs. While we are proud of our stock options, the ability to offer our customers flexibility and adaptability is our greatest point of pride.

    The Sewer Duck is far from the only success story to come out of the UPF Design Center.